About Smoogle

Shmoogle: you are about to exit the Google comfort zone

Shmoogle is a Google randomiser. When you type your query into Shmoogle, you still get Google's results - but in random order. This instantly throws the user into a forgotten territory: where the user has to make their own choice, a choice not dictated by machines and algorithms.

Shmoogle: don’t search, research!

Shmoogle is not the place to look for the nearest pizza parlour. It will not provide readymade answers to your quests. Don’t expect it to make those decisions for you either. Instead, Shmoogle makes Google take the back seat, and makes you, the user work harder. Shmoogle makes you go through hundreds of results, forcing you to make a (better) informed decision on where to look further. Yes, it requires the user to do a bit of research.

Shmoogle makes you smarter!

In his 2008 Atlantic essay “Is Google Making Us Stupid” writer Nicholas Carr describes how our brain is being rewired by the constant interaction with information machines. Recent research shows that this may indeed be the case in our user experienced environment. Shmoogle treats all results as equal, and all users as smart.

Efficiency? Accuracy? nah, that’s for machines

Shmoogle dumps Google’s oh-so-important PageRank(TM) and it’s calculated accuracy, and celebrates the internet’s wealth and diversity of thoughts, dreams and wishes. After all, who wants to rank #1, when all the cool kids are partying back there in the long tail...